Live Teaching ingepland voor 14-01-2024: Exploring the Comings and Goings of Mindfulness

Live Teaching: Exploring the Comings and Goings of Mindfulness.

It is quite natural for mindfulness to come and go, we usually say this means the mind has wandered. We can learn a lot by being curious about how this happens, and what it feels like when mindfulness returns.

Andrea Fella teaches in Europe and the USA, for example: at Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society and Insight Meditation Center. She is especially drawn to the wisdom teachings of the Buddha. Her teachings emphasize clarity and practicality. Andrea loves to teach both residential retreat and a deep immersion of practice into our daily lives. Sayadaw U Tejaniya’s teaching style has been very influential in the way she integrates retreat teaching and daily life teachings.

(Deze lezing is in het Engels)

De Zoom deelname-link, overige informatie en tips voor deelname vind je op de 30NOW Live pagina.

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