The start of the year is a time of reflecting and setting new intentions: looking back at the year gone by and trying to sense the potentiality of the new year and clarifying what we'd like to manifest in our personal and professional life.
The energies of winter are supporting us in this inward movement. Yet, for some of us, it is easier to set aside some time and space for this.

Therefore my colleague Anne Lemaira and I, would like to offer you a three day silent retreat to discover the beauty of silence and by dwelling in this space, recover, discover and see what uncovers.
Our intentions in this exploration are:
– To create a space and time to pause, relax and open
– To discover and explore silence
– To discover and uncover some personal patterns
Our source of inspiration will be the Buddhist teachings on the four noble friends –kindness (Metta), compassion (Karuna), joy (Mudita) and equanimity (Upekkha) : four life qualities that you can train, develop, and nurture. And by manifesting them more in your life and in your work, allow yourself to walk more lightly for the benefit of those you love, those you struggle with and those unknown to you.
Location: Rosario in Bever (Belgium), a beautiful and calm spot in nature, +/- 45mins from Brussels
Maximum number of people : 12
Dates: Friday 12 Jan 2024, 16:00 till Sunday 14 Jan 2024, 14:30
Accommodation cost (lodging, catering): 350 euros.
Teachings and guidance will be offered by Katleen Janssens and Anne Lemaire, in English, on a dana basis.


Datum: 16/10/2023

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