The four Brahmaviharas

Ayya Virañani

What to expect

  • 4 week in-depth series

    After activation you get weekly access to a new extensive theme page.
    With each theme page you will dive into a new Brahmavihara.

  • 4 Hours of pre-recorded video teachings

    With each theme page you will dive into a new Brahmavihara with a pre-recorded video teaching by Ayya Virañani:

    • Week 1: General context & Metta (loving-kindness)
    • Week 2: Karuna (compassion)
    • Week 3: Mudita (empathetic joy, gladness)
    • Week 4: Upekkha (equanimity)

    Recording quality: The local recording conditions (in Myanmar) where not ideal, but we have been able to achieve a video and audio quality that is expected to be sufficient for almost everyone. Please watch this video message by Ayya Virañani.

  • Extensive insight into the Suttas

    You will get access to extensive study material: a wide range of supporting suttas, quotes and readings related to each Brahmavihara.
    Worth noting: Although this course is in English ??, many suttas are provided with Dutch ??  translation as well.

  • Online community

    Connect with like-minded people from around the world and share your questions, experiences, thoughts and insights.

  • Revisit and re-examine

    You can review all components during and after the (4 weeks) course period.

    With a Courses/ Cursussen account you will have access for 3 months – With a membership/ Lidmaatschap account you will have unlimited access.