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Discover Meditation at 30NOW
Enrich yourself with the extensive range of meditation courses and daily live sessions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the experienced guides from various movements bring insight and wisdom for the pillow and in daily life. Start with our free 30 Day Series and explore the power of meditation.

Become a member and gain access to more depth, support and insights including 1000+ meditations and lectures on important themes.


Live Meditation every day and a Live Lecture every week.


Different currents and styles. Made possible by dozens of skilled supervisors.


Practicing, exchanging, reacting and reflecting individually or together.

For every moment

In-depth courses on important themes. Live or at a time of your choosing.

Live happier in the NOW

With 30NOW train your mind with personal meditation to live in the present moment. You avoid being overly concerned with the past and the future. You experience more peace, more focus, more energy, more openness and insights about yourself and your environment.

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Live daily

Daily live meditation and a lecture on Sunday evening via Zoom Webinar. Provided by experienced supervisors from different streams. You are most welcome.

Thursday 22 February

10:00 - 10: 30
Live Meditation with Erik van den Brink: Mindful Qigong, Eight Brocades and other forms (part 4)

Friday 23 February

10:00 - 10: 30
Live Meditation with Kasper Meulesteen: Reactivity

Sunday 25 February

10:00 - 10: 30
Live Meditation with Mirjam Schild: Can it be this way?
Time zone: Europe/Amsterdam

Getting to know meditation

Your Choice: Videos by Guido or 30-Day audio with Joost & Mariette

Learn to meditate with Guido Scholte's guidance short practical videos and guided meditation exercises.

Learn and experience meditation 30 days with step-by-step guidance by Joost van den Heuvel Rijnders or Mariëtte Verhoef.

The regular attendants

I have never seen such an accessible initiative and I have already forwarded it to many who had never meditated before. And with success.

I experience it as a very pleasant way of guiding, positive, with beautiful key points. It forces me, very nicely, to look at every moment with a 'new first look'. That made me aware of a mind that actually wants to get rid of the sometimes more intense physical pain, the fresh look made that the tension of wanting was noticed and immediately fell away from me. What a beautiful insight 

By 30NOW my meditation has deepened. And therefore a more conscious life.
Nice structure, with a short summary every day of what we have done so far, compliments! I am very happy with it and try to get others to listen too. 

The fact alone that I make time every day is positive for me. And I find that it does me good. There needs to be so much in my life and in myself. I learn to let go and accept what is.

An inspiring spiritual environment, a sense of security, a beacon in troubled moments.

Valuable and inspiring to meditate together or at a chosen moment and to follow in-depth courses.

Thank you for the great effort and the refinements that make more and more possible. Thanks also to the facilitators who share their meditation and lectures. 

It gives me more insight into my own actions and thoughts. It also gives me peace of mind, which gives me energy again. I experience the meditation as very pleasant.

30NOW is a wonderful opportunity to meditate supported at home and in connection with others. And also to get acquainted with other movements than the one I have been affiliated with since 2008, vipassana.

I think it's a fantastic initiative! For me it really helps to meditate every day. It also stimulates me to include more moments of 'being' throughout the day. Personally, I also like the language that isn't too woolly. I'm happy with it!

A great opportunity to gain inspiration and to meditate with other people. This can continue even during Corona. It's also nice that you can determine the time when you listen. But following live gives an extra dimension.

Nice structure of the meditations and themes, nice clear guidance and the site is nice and clear and complete. The Q&As are fun and useful. 

Super happy with this great initiative. Meditations are very clear and have a nice structure. 

30NOW is supportive for me in daily life. I regularly review sessions at a time convenient for me. I find it motivating and helpful!

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