Live Meditation scheduled for 04-09-2023: Thoughts are not substantive facts

Live Meditation: Thoughts are not facts.

In Buddhist psychology, thoughts are referred to as part of the third field of mindfulness: cittānupassanā or mindfulness of mental processes. In this joint meditation session, we will focus on thoughts and how to view them as little streams of energy and information – without having to repress them and without drowning in content.

'Live Vipassana Meditation on Monday Evening': This series is provided by various facilitators from the vipassana tradition, also known as insight meditation. The live meditations are accessible to everyone and can also be followed separately. After a short introduction there is half an hour of meditation. Finally there is an exchange of 15 minutes (via the chat in Zoom).

The Zoom participation link, other information and tips for participation can be found on the 30NOW live page.

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