Sangha Live scheduled for December 03, 12: Conversation about friendship

Sangha Live: Conversation about friendship.

After childhood friends Dick Verstegen and Hans Korteweg meet again after 60 years,
their friendship blossoms again. The theme of their lecture for 30NOW on December 3 next
therefore friendship. Hans and Dick mainly discuss the 'different' and the 'differenceless'
in friendship and other fundamental relationships. The difference is about dynamics
their friendship. The difference, in which they find each other, nourishes and cares for the depth and the
towards it.
Hans Korteweg (1943) has a circle of students with whom he meets regularly.
He also gives lectures, often via Zoom, and retreats for a larger audience. Hans has
has written about twelve books and regularly publishes articles. From his hand appeared
including The Jewel Ship, a translation of and commentary on a Tibetan Buddhist
text of Longchenpa, and Zonder End, from light to form, from form to light, about the Jewish
Bible as a concrete mystical scripture.

The Zoom participation link, other information and tips for participation can be found on the 30NOW live page.

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