Live Meditation scheduled for 04-03-2024: Dukkha

Live Meditation: Dukkha.

“Not seeing dukkha is only dukkha,” says Sayadaw U Pandita. Dukkha is a Pali term often translated as "suffering", although its meaning is broader than just physical or emotional suffering. In Buddhism, dukkha refers to the universal truth of dissatisfaction, unsatisfaction, or the unsatisfactory nature of existence as we experience it. Dukkha includes not only the traditional understanding of suffering, such as physical pain, emotional pain and mental suffering, but also the imperfection and unsatisfactory nature of all conditional phenomena. This can include the inevitable change, loss, and unfulfilled longing inherent in life.

The concept of dukkha is one of the central concepts in Buddhism and forms the basis of the Four Noble Truths taught by the Buddha. Understanding dukkha and its causes is an important step on the path to liberation.

The Zoom participation link, other information and tips for participation can be found on the 30NOW live page.

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