Live Meditation scheduled for March 11, 03: Attune to Anatta

Live Meditation: Tune in to Anatta.

Anatta, also known as "anatman" in Sanskrit, is a Pali term meaning "non-self". In Buddhism, anatta refers to the concept that there is no permanent, unchanging, autonomous self or "soul" to be found in the human experience. This contrasts with most philosophies and religions that espouse an idea of ​​an essential, unchanging self.
According to the Buddhist perspective, the idea of ​​a self is an illusion that arises from attachment to and identification with transient phenomena such as body, mind, feelings and thoughts. Anatta emphasizes that these components of human experience have no intrinsic, permanent essence that can be considered a "self." The concept of anatta is one of the Three Characteristics of Existence (Tilakkhana) in Buddhism, along with dukkha (suffering) and anicca (impermanence). The insight into anatta is crucial on the path to liberation.

The Zoom participation link, other information and tips for participation can be found on the 30NOW live page.

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