Live Lecture scheduled for April 28, 04: 'All is well' – the wisdom of Zen

Live Lecture: 'All is well' – the wisdom of Zen.

'All is well' is a classic Zen saying and was the heartfelt motto of Zen master Harada Tangen. Tonight we will read a Dharma text from him and delve even deeper into this principle. Is it just a cliché or what experience lies behind it? How can you ever say that 'all is well' in this world?
It is difficult for the intellect to accept, but when we become still and rest in pure Being, no complaints remain. Then there is only This. In origin there is no conflict.
Can we then say that in the deepest essence there is only goodness? Let's investigate!

The Zoom participation link, other information and tips for participation can be found on the 30NOW live page.

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