Online retreat “Silence in your life” – June 19 to 23, 2024

During this retreat we give our lives a few days of silence and peace. We reflect on what helps to quiet our minds and hearts and what does not help.

We will explore how pure behavior, insight and calm influence and can strengthen each other. How stillness is a result of these processes, but also further supports and deepens them.

Because it is an online home retreat, we provide guidance on how silence and tranquility can also be woven into daily life. This way you can continue to practice after the retreat and inner peace and silence can continue to grow.

Once you have registered for this retreat, you will receive an email a week in advance with practical tips that can support you during your retreat at home.

When: Wed Jun 19, 2024 to Sun Jun 23, 2024.
Supervisors: Marjolein Janssen and Helena Pauptit
More information and registration is available via Sangha Metta (see the link below).


Date: 01 / 11 / 2023

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