Online course The emotional tone of our experience; Deepening insight with vedanā.

In this 4-week course we will explore the emotional tone of our experience. How are we affected by this in our responses? How can understanding emotional tone help us reduce unhelpful habit patterns? How can this support us on the path to a free mind and a free heart?

Every week you will receive 1 or 2 Buddhist texts to read and 2 exercises that you can work on that week. Practicing the emotional tone of our experience using the clues and examples we find in the texts can further deepen our meditation practice and support our daily lives.

Weekly online meeting
There is an online meeting every week. In the week prior to the meeting you can prepare it with the texts and exercises. Bianca or Helena gives a short introduction to the topic of the week, after which we practice this in a (guided) meditation. We then break into small groups to discuss a topic. Finally, we come together again to share our experiences and ask questions.

Workshop Leading
The course is supervised by Bianca Vermeij and Helena Pauptit.

For more information and registration: see the Sangha Metta website below.


Date: 28 / 11 / 2023

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