Ank Schravendeel (1963) has been practicing Vipassana meditation since 1988. An important motivation for her spiritual development is the application of the Dhamma, the Buddha's teachings, to everyday life. `How can you live that?` Use what you experience, what you think or feel, to learn to develop awareness. Practicing an inner attitude of benevolence and receptivity, not just on the meditation cushion, but throughout the day. Studying Asian and Western teachers over and over again provides the opportunity to deepen the meditation experience gained.

Ank learned Vipassana from Johan Tinge, the Thai meditation teacher Mettavihari and Frits Koster. From 2004 she immersed herself in metta meditation with Visu Teoh and Christina Feldman. Since 2010, Patricia and Charles Genoud have been her teachers, who combine Vipassana and Metta meditation. Ank has been guiding retreats since 2007, before doing an internship with Frits Koster. She regularly gives retreats together with other teachers, including Joost van den Heuvel Rijnders. In addition, from 2018 she has been involved as a teacher in the Dhamma Deepening Course.

In her work Ank was project leader in welfare work and manager in healthcare. She now has her own practice as a coach.

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