In 1997, after a trip to Nepal, I took a beginners course in meditation and Buddhism. It immediately felt like coming home. And it has remained that way. I started with concentration meditation, but after a few years I looked further and came across vipassana meditation in the Pieterpoortsteeg at Jotika Hermsen. There was a great confidence in this form of meditation. There followed many retreats with different teachers and weeks of Buddhist psychology (Abhidhamma) study with the Rev. Prof. U Nandamala from Burma.

Since 2008 I have been passing on what I have learned in meditation courses, meditation guidance and introductions to the Abhidhamma. From 2017 I supervise an online Dhamma study group together with Helena Pauptit. I also work as a communication consultant, happiness expert and coach.

I am still fascinated by the human mind and the possibilities of the mind to continue to evolve. The Buddha's clear vision and guidelines are a lasting inspiration for my meditation, my development and daily life.