Dick Verstegen (1940) is the founder-teacher of Zen Center Nijmegen and its associated Kwan Yin Sangha. In 2017 he received Dharma transmission from his teacher Nico Tenko Roshi, who founded Zen Center Amsterdam. In 2000 Dick founded his own Zen center in the Eindhoven region. Now it is led by Wanda Sluyter. Between 2007 and 2009, Dick traveled with his partner Ellen Deimann for over 15 months in Nepal and India. Dick's zen training started in 1989. He took lessons and sesshins with different teachers. In 2013, he became a student of Nico Tenko Roshi, who ordained him as a Zen monk in 2016. From 1961 to 2001 he was a journalist. Publications: Only now, Wegener 2000, Zenboeddhisme, Kok Ten Have 2005, published in a revised form by Asoka in 2009 under the title Zen – the leap to Nu, The journey of the heart, Asoka 2011, Zen is opening, Zen Centrum Nijmegen – Milinda Plus 2014. His new book is called Oh yes. He was editor or collaborator of the quarterly magazines ZEN and Buddhism and Vorm & Leegte. He is a columnist for various (digital) periodicals.

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