Helena Pauptit

When Helena came into contact with the Buddha's words, it felt like coming home to her. As a result, she went deeper and deeper into what the Buddha had said. The joy and inner silence this brings motivates her to keep exploring and practicing.
She has followed courses and retreats with domestic and foreign teachers. She feels inspired by early Buddhism and before studying these texts, she has regular contact with Bikkhuni Dhammadinna.

Helena experiences the combination of meditation and study as valuable, as a result of which she goes through life lighter and experiences more harmony, both inside and out. The wish that others may also experience this and the confidence that this can also be valuable for society as a whole motivates her to share the Dhamma with others. At the moment she is accompanied by Jotika Hermsen.

Since 2017 Helena has supervised study groups together with Bianca Vermeij. She has taken basic vipassana meditation courses and sometimes accompanies an ongoing meditation group in Leiden. She also assists in online retreats, and is active in organizing various courses that give depth to the Dhamma.

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