Jiun Hogen de Wit

Jiun Hogen Roshi

Zen master Jiun Hogen was born in 1951 in Velsen. In 1982 she met Prabhasa Dharma zenji and immediately knew that meeting would change her life. In 1985 she went to the US to train intensively. In 1986 she was ordained an unsui and given the name Dharma Udaka (Water of Truth). In 1989 she founded the Dharma House in Miami; in the same year she was ordained an osho (zen priest) by Prabhasa Dharma zenji, named Kanromon (sweet dew). All those years she traveled every summer to the Netherlands, Germany and Spain to attend all the sesshins of Prabhasa Dharma zenji. In 1993 she moved to Germany, with the assignment to start a training center. This eventually led to the opening in 1996 of the International Zen Center Noorder Poort. From that moment on, Jiun roshi has worked and lived there.

In 1999 Prabhasa Dharma zenji gave her the full Dharma transmission (inka), receiving the names Jiun Hogen (Cloud of Compassion, Original Dharma).

Jiun Hogen roshi is spiritual leader of the Noorder Poort and of the International Zen Institute, the umbrella organization that also includes IZIN.

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