I am a pedagogue, mindfulness and (recently) compassion trainer. Common in all these activities are qualities such as attention, mindfulness, kindness, caring and compassion.
I have been a pedagogue since I started my working life as a young teacher in the Amsterdam Pijp. During my later studies in pedagogy I was mainly interested in less privileged groups, people who didn't really belong, who found it difficult to keep up and who were excluded.
It wasn't until 2008 that I came into contact with mindfulness and meditation. In 2011, I completed the training to become a mindfulness trainer and I started giving mindfulness training, mainly to students and teachers. Since my very first silent retreat I have been fascinated by Vipassana and I have started to meditate more and more often. It is now part of my daily activities.
As a black woman, I feel involved in social issues such as diversity, discrimination, exclusion and racism. I am also nourished by qualities such as attention, attentiveness, kindness and compassion. That is why, in my meditations as well as in my mindfulness and compassion training, themes such as connection, belonging and being good enough come up again and again. I am also inspired by the African philosophy of Ubuntu and always try to connect with what I know about Buddhist psychology and teachings.