Karin Rekvelt (1959) works as an independent psychologist, trainer and supervisor in Amsterdam. Her specialization is the treatment of stress complaints and burnout.

In her daily practice calmness, insight and heart meditations are central. Her interest is in the integration of methods and exercises from Western and Buddhist psychology with respect for insights from the original teachings. Her teachers come from different meditation traditions, most notably Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism and the Bön Buddhist tradition. In addition to regular Vipassana retreats, she has participated in several study groups, including the Dhamma Deepening Course (DVC) in 2006/7 and the Committed Practitioner Program (CPP) at Bodhi College at Sharpham House and Gaia House in Devon in 2016/17.

The Shamatha meditations that Karin for 30now guides have their origin in the exercises of meditation teacher Alan Wallace who extensively researched and described this form of meditation. She followed her Shamatha training in 2010 with Adeline van Waning. In connection with this, Karin has developed a follow-up mindfulness training Calm and Concentration Meditation. In this basic training we practice formally and informally with Simplifying, Slowing down and Softening in favor of quality of life in everyday life.

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