Kathleen Janssens

Even as a child Katleen was intrigued by the question of what life and this existence actually are. It is a common thread in my life. Curiosity about the nature of the human mind motivated me to study psychology, travel and explore other cultures. She devoured books about all kinds of traditions, immersed me in philosophy, in Yoga and meditation from Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. In 2005 Katleen got to know Mindfulness and after a first 10-day retreat she felt like she had come home. Insight meditation has since taken a permanent place in life and she has integrated it into her work as a therapist and business coach. Out of a hunger for more, she followed the Dhamma deepening course, Compassion training and the desire grew to guide meditation retreats in addition to Mindfulness training. This created a fascinating learning trajectory through various meditation teachers. The infinite applicability of insight meditation in daily life is a permanent source of inspiration and motivation for her. There is a lasting wonder at how the development of inner space and gentleness in contact with ourselves and others enables us to realize our full human potential. And about how sharing this brings joy!