Mariette Verhoef

Mariette Verhoef

My name is Mariëtte Verhoef and I give individual mindfulness and self-compassion training with great passion. In addition, I also give group training in business. My life has been greatly enriched when I got to know Buddhist meditation. I learned to apply compassion and mindfulness in my daily life. Since then I am much better in touch with myself, make more conscious choices, deal better with stress and experience much more love in my life.

After my studies in Sociology – Master in Labor, Organization & Management – ​​I worked for a number of years as an HR advisor at a large company. Then I got burned out. In this year I have learned a lot about myself and my sensitivity. At that time, I was flooded with emotions, stresses and strains in my life. Now I have tools to stay in balance much better and to use my sensitivity as a strength!

Mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion are important skills for a relaxed life. I love to pass that on to others. I would call my style relaxed, down to earth, with humor and profound. I make meditation accessible to you, so that you can apply it right away in your daily life. Experience more fun at work, more love in your relationships and create a conscious healthy life!

Do you want to live fully with enthusiasm and balance? Do you long for more resilience, love, enjoyment and personal growth in your life?

Then follow my meditations here 30NOW. I would be happy to guide you on your spiritual path!

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