Marion (1968) her first introduction to yoga, meditation and breath started during her student days. Her mind was always busy and she experienced a lot of restlessness and energy in her body.
She exercised a lot but that head stayed on. Until she came to yoga. Here she learned to become aware of her body, to work with the breath, to experience fine stretches and to move with attention and focus; relaxation and to be able to be in silence with what is through meditation. This was so magical and healing for her that she never left it. Yoga became her medicine.

She has followed many courses and retreats and has been teaching for more than 18 years from vinyasa (dynamic flow yoga) to yin yoga (meditative yoga) and meditation and breathwork.
She has been working with Joost since 2013 and they give a silent retreat in Denekamp twice a year.

Marion has a practice for yoga coaching and breathwork in the Achterhoek. Here she guides people in search of inner peace, balance and strength so that they can make healthy choices themselves and life energy can flow freely.

Every spring and autumn she organizes Cultural Yoga & Buddhism trips to Nepal; the country where she lived with her family for a year and worked as a yoga teacher.