Marjolein Janssen has been meditating since 2011. Since then she has done many (long) retreats in the Netherlands, the United States and Myanmar. She entered Myanmar for a period as a Buddhist nun.

She practices meditation in the insight tradition, also known as vipassana. She shares the dharma (the Buddhist path) out of the desire to contribute to more happiness, wholesomeness, peace and freedom in everyone's heart. In her guidance she often gives a practical slant to Buddhist concepts and ideas. In this way, the meditation techniques and teachings of the Buddha are directly applicable in daily life.

Marjolein has a bachelor's degree in Social Psychology. She is a certified Buddhist Eco-Chaplain. And she is currently training as a retreat counselor at the Insight Retreat Center in California. In addition to her passion, sharing the dharma, her life also revolves around further practice and deepening of her Buddhist path.

Marjolein mainly guides online meditation; ao at 30NOW, Bright Dharma, Amsterdam Insight Meditation (in Dutch) and Insight Meditation Center (in English). She lives in the United States.

“When I came into contact with the dharma I felt a deep connection. The wisdom of Buddhist teachings inspires me every day. I feel grateful that I can pass on some of that by sharing my experiences and insights with others.”

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