I experience meditation as 'coming home', admitting it as it is, from an attitude of kindness and mildness and the healing effect it has in relation to myself and the other. Connectivity is what drives me; the freshness of the moment and mildness are important elements in this. I am currently curious about how nature influences the process of meditation and how mindful awareness can open us to nature. From 1998 I meditated with various Eastern and Dutch teachers. From 2008-2015 I took long retreats in IMS (America) (Joseph Goldstein and Carol Wilson). From Patricia and Charles Genoud, Frits Koster and Ank Schravendeel I learned to integrate vipassana meditation and metta. Previously I worked as a (district) nurse for a long time in obstetrics/maternity care and with people who were dying and I worked in a hospice for 5 years. From 1992-2018 I worked as a psychosynthesis therapist in my own practice. I organize meditation retreats with colleagues and I am connected to the collective meditation counselors see www.vipassana.nu.I guide meditation in Amsterdam: www.amsterdaminzichtmeditatie.nl / www.riakea.nl

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