In 2012, Riët came into contact with Insight Dialogue (ID) and discovered the power of meditating while interacting.

Bringing the East and the West together is a theme in her life and she feels deeply connected to the movement in the West that makes insights from Buddhist psychology and early Buddhist texts understandable and supportive for all of us.

The positive changes that meditation and deepening can bring about in and between people are a source of inspiration. She has experienced that harmony, connection and care for yourself, others, animals, the environment and the planet develop in a natural way. You don't have to be a Buddhist for that.
She has a lot of humor and handles the depth that lies in the path in a light way.

Riët worked as a research psychologist (Phd) and quality manager in youth care, mental health care and addiction care. Her life currently revolves around study, practice and sharing dhamma insights. She is the initiator of Amsterdam Insight Meditation.