Zohair Elabd is a certified mindfulness teacher and founder of ZoMindful. With a team of mindfulness trainers, Zomindful in Amsterdam provides mindfulness and follow-up training for individuals, in education and business. In addition, Zohair provides weekend and week retreats in which the mindfulness skills can be acquired, deepened and broadened. In addition to being a trainer, Zohair is a mindfulness trainer and, together with Frits Koster and Lidewij Severins, he has set up the training to become an MVMC trainer (Mindfulness Deepening and Mindful Communicating).

“I discovered the power of mindfulness in a period of high stress. When I followed a meditation training, I not only experienced relief in my complaints, less stress, less worrying and RSI complaints, but also that I became a happier and more stable person. A seed was planted which eventually led to my mindfulness trainership. Mindfulness teaches me to cope better with the hectic pace of everyday life and to simply be happier. Sharing this skill is therefore my main motivation to be a mindfulness trainer.”