Moving with attention

Out of your head, into your body with yoga and breath.

Marion Verger

This is what you can expect

  • Yoga sessions in high image quality

    Direct access to 6 in-depth yoga sessions. Each with a duration of more than half an hour. Recorded in high image quality.

    • Session 1: Out of your head, into your body; the basis of the series.
    • Session 2: Yoga for a flexible spine.
    • Session 3: Yoga and Breath.
    • Session 4: Yoga for space and flexibility in the pelvis, hips and lower back.   
    • Session 5: In balance with slow flow and yin yoga, moving and stilling.
    • Session 6: Chair Yoga.

    Watch the excerpt from Session 1 'From the head into your body' >

  • Support

    Opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.

  • Looking back

    You can easily review / pause / rewind / repeat / extract individual exercises from all sessions.