Sustainable happiness

the basis of Buddhism

The 'Four Noble Truths' and the 'Eightfold Path'

Martin Olthoff

This is what you can expect

  • High quality video lectures - 90 min

    Each lesson opens with a lecture that is recorded in high image and sound quality.

    • Lesson 1: the Four Signs, the Great Departure, the Middle Way
    • Lesson 2: The Four Noble Truths
    • Lesson 3: The Eightfold Path, Part I
    • Lesson 4: The Eightfold Path, part II

    This is a total of 90 minutes of lectures in video format.

  • Supporting texts and quotes

    Study and experience each theme with in-depth texts and quotes.

  • Supporting exercises

    You will receive suggestions for exercises, tips and reflections based on the lesson themes.

  • Comments on the literature - 70 minutes

    View the extra explanation by Maarten for each theme.

    These are 70 minutes of video recordings from previous live sessions.

  • Guided Meditations - 100 minutes

    Each theme is supported with guided meditations (by Maarten) in video format.

    These are 100 minutes of video recordings from previous live sessions.

  • Sangha - Community

    A sangha (community) where you can share experiences and thus inspire others and be inspired yourself.

  • Support

    At any time there is an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions. Maarten Olthof is also present to answer questions.

  • Instant access and review

    You can take all lessons with the course material when and at the pace that suits you.
    In addition, you can look back at everything afterwards.

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