Inspirational gift

A Chinese proverb talks about the power of friendship and giving…

If a friend is hungry we can give a fish, but even better is a fishing rod. The recipient can then fish himself and also provide food in the future. Once we have experienced how helpful and supportive meditation is, we would like to give this inspiration to others as well.
But how do you teach mindfulness, wisdom and compassion? You can tell about it, but it is even better to give an In-depth series so that your friend can get started and can 'fish' for inspiration, support and practical guidelines for meditation. Your friend can get started with this at a self-chosen time and at his own pace!

With this in mind we have prepared the Inspiration Gift. Give a friend a Floor Series and add a personal message for the recipient.

Give inspiration

Give someone access to one with the Inspiration Gift 30NOW Floor series at the standard participation rate.

Make it personal

Add a personal message for the recipient to make the Inspirational Gift extra special.

Choose the ideal moment

We will send your gift by e-mail at the time you have chosen.

Start when it suits

With the activation code, the recipient can start at a time of his choosing.