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Have you ever participated in the 30 Day Series? Then we highly recommend that you continue with the series hard meditations by Joost van den Heuvel.

30 Days focused on recognizing and developing the positive heart qualities of kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.

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Ton Lathouwers about: You can't fall out Michaël Verlouw: The Seven Factors of Awakening Tom Hannes about: Zen circles Luc Rombaut about: Meditation and psychedelics, blessing or curse? Phap Xa about: Stop and relax Mirjam Schild about: You can start over Han de Wit about: Hard truth – Open Heart Ciska Matthes about: Those who are sick are also healthy - my father's optimistic deathbed Lp Sander Khemadhammo about: Meditation, fasting and the uposatha Ank Schravendeel and Mirjam Schild: Chronically ill, a chance? Ciska Matthes about: The power of kindness About mortality and birth Inner speaking and listening from the heart Maarten Olthof: 8 Obstacles to Joy! Annetje Jikai Brunner about: The five invitations - Inspiration from the dying for your life Andrea Fella about: Exploring the Comings and Goings of Mindfulness Michaël Verlouw about: Kindness in times of crisis Sherida Pengel about: The doing mode Leni Cellini about: Mindful anger ~ Beyond the taboo Phap Xa about: The way out is in - returning to the silence and wisdom within yourself Frits Koster about: What generosity can give Ank Schravendeel and Mirjam Schild about: Things always turn out differently than you think Michaël Verlouw about: Dealing with your Inner Critic Annetje Jikai Brunner about: About the climate Ciska Matthes about: Who you think you are is a misconception - in search of the True Self Frits Koster about: Achieving dreams with dedication Sander Khemadhammo about: Respect as a learning process Devon Hase on: How Not to be a Hot Mess - Meditation for Our Times Dingeman Boot about: Silence, a door to who you really are Marjolein Janssen about: Relaxing Ciska Matthes about: Good sitting Manu Keirse about: Helping each other with loss and grief Eve Myonen Marko and Eef Yuman Heinhuis about: Everyday Koans David Dewulf about: The hard side of compassion Guy Armstrong about: Mindfulness is emptiness

First Aid for meditation questions

First Aid with frequently asked meditation questions has been prepared by experienced meditation counselors and submitted by practitioners.

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30NOW Sangha

At 30NOW meditation is more than an individual activity. You are part of a group of participants who meditate together and share experiences for recognition and inspiration.

With 'Sangha Inbox' there is one shared place where members and facilitators can post and respond. Feel welcome to share meditation experiences, calls, book tips, movies and podcasts here.

During the 'Sangha Live' meetings we can meet each other live online, under the guidance of experienced supervisors, in interactive Zoom environments.

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