'Speaking from wisdom' starts April 18

We are happy that we can once again offer the live course 'Speaking from wisdom' by Riët Aarsse. Speaking from wisdom contributes to the quality of our relationships, at home, at work, in the Sangha and wherever we are.
In addition, this newsletter contains the short reflection 'Fragile beauty', two suggestions for looking back and the reading tip 'connecting with your (ancestors) parents'. Have a nice weekend.

“Speaking From Wisdom” – April 18

How we speak matters! For ourselves and for others. And it is often not easy to speak wisely. We all know times when we would like to bite the tip of our tongue because we said something that we really wish we hadn't said. Or the times we've been silent because we feel insecure because we don't know what's right to say. Or that we wanted to contribute more and are not satisfied with ourselves afterwards. Or a situation where in the heat of a conflict we throw fuel on the fire instead of wisely remaining silent or saying something conciliatory.

'Speaking from wisdom' brings the meditation and mindfulness to our relational life. With Insight Dialogue, meditate-in-interaction, we meditate while speaking and listening!

This course is for anyone with (some) meditation experience. Experience with Insight Dialogue is not necessary. If you have experience with ID or other interpersonal forms of meditation you are also very welcome.

  • Live course by Riët Aarsse
  • 5 Live (online) meetings
  • April 18 – May 16, 2023
  • More information & registration: 30NOW.nl/speak-from-wisdom

Fragile beauty

There is an owl box next to our house. Mother tawny owl has been brooding on an egg for a month. There is a camera in the closet and we follow the process closely. A laptop is next to our sofa and shows the live images. It's a fragile process. She depends on the male for her food. It certainly does not deliver birds and mice at set times, we regularly hear it calling for more. There are also intruders. A pigeon was devoured when it entered in broad daylight.

We witnessed and anxiously watched the egg. So far it seems to be going well. Life is uncertain. So many conditions and circumstances that cannot be controlled. In meditation we also enter a space of which we do not know the outcome. Can you sit with that attitude? Open, receptive, without grasping? Can we allow the process of thoughts, feelings and physical sensations to take their own course?

Reading tip

Ancestors are not mythical creatures, but our own relatives. How do you come to terms with them? And do we still have such things as spiritual ancestors here in the West?

From the theme ''Relationships' we would like to share Bodhi's article as a reading tip: 'Connecting with your (ancestors) parents'

Sustainable happiness – The basis of Buddhism

In this In-depth series you explore the meaning of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path together with Zen teacher Maarten Olthof. At your own pace and in your own place. We dive into the life of Siddhartha, the Buddha, to find inspiration for our own lives.

More information and start immediately: 30now.nl/sustainable-happiness

Upcoming live meditations and lectures

Many valuable meditations and lectures are planned in the coming days and weeks.

For example, on Sunday March 19 you can follow a meditation by Michaël Verlouw and a lecture by Leni Cellini about 'Growing in (self) love'.

View the current schedule with all upcoming live sessions at 30NOW.nl/live (http://30now.nl/live#planning) and join us. Everybody is welcome.

The live meditations and lectures are made possible with dana/donations. Only with the voluntary contributions of participants can the facilitators continue to offer the live sessions.

We would therefore like to thank everyone who has transferred an amount, small or large, to the supervisors via 30NOW.nl/donate
Check out the upcoming Live Sessions: 30NOW.nl/live

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