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Welcome to the podcast, in which we discuss mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism. 

Are you engaged in mindfulness or another form of meditation and do you want to be further inspired in this? Or maybe you want to know more about the source of mindfulness and Buddhism? Then move on! Modern mindfulness training uses ancient techniques and insights from Buddhism. They still prove to be relevant and supportive to our modern lives. Like the Buddhist teachings, you are not asked to believe anything. But let yourself be included in the conversations and pick out what you can use.

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Although mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, you don't have to be a Buddhist at all to practice mindfulness. The well-known American professor Jon Kabat-Zinn developed mindfulness training forty years ago by detaching the technique of meditation from the Buddhist context and making it accessible to Westerners. Religion is not involved in the training, but accessible meditation exercises, yoga and other ways to learn to live more consciously. Meanwhile, the MBSR (English: mindfulness-based stress reduction) and MBCT (English: mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) are very popular and fully accepted in the West.

Mindfulness refers to:

  • The mindfulness training, developed to teach people to live more consciously and to deal with stress, thoughts and emotions differently.
  • A form of meditation in which you become aware in a non-reactive way  of the sensations and situations of the moment: conscious, gentle attention.


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