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Welcome to the podcast, in which we discuss mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism. 

Are you engaged in mindfulness or another form of meditation and do you want to be further inspired in this? Or maybe you want to know more about the source of mindfulness and Buddhism? Then move on! Modern mindfulness training uses ancient techniques and insights from Buddhism. They still prove to be relevant and supportive to our modern lives. Like the Buddhist teachings, you are not asked to believe anything. But let yourself be included in the conversations and pick out what you can use.

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On average, a Day Meditation lasts 15 minutes with a maximum duration of 18 minutes. You can find more information about Day Meditations here.

During the 30 Days account you can listen to each Day Meditation for 48 hours. With the Membership you can listen to all Day Meditations at any time.

We distinguish between 4 payments:

  • Donations/dana for the supervisors of the daily live sessions: This supports the facilitators in providing the live meditations and lectures. The amounts received are periodically distributed among the facilitators who have provided a live meditation or lecture.
    More information (with a video message about dana van Joost): 30now.nl/donate
  • Membership Payments: These payments make the platform 30NOW possible. The following applies here: Because every personal situation differs, we want to give you the choice of which amount for the Membership is feasible or appropriate for you.
    More information: 30now.nl/registration
    The Membership payments enable us to:

    • Facilitate the current offer;
    • to take care of the communication;
    • Provide support where needed;
    • To further develop the platform technically;
    • Broaden the offer.
  • Participation rate for Live Courses and In-depth series: This is possible 30NOW offer the Live Courses and In-depth series in collaboration with the supervisor(s) involved. More information: 30now.nl/courses-series
  • Free gift for 30NOW: Finally, there is the possibility to make a free donation in the meantime 30NOW about it. The amounts received are spent in the same way as with the Membership. It is extra support for the team that works daily in the background to facilitate our mission 'Making meditation accessible to everyone'.
    More information: 30now.nl/about-30now

At the same time, money should never be a barrier to participation. That is why:
If it is not possible to pay the Membership base amount or a course participation fee, please contact contact us so that we can come to a suitable appointment for you. Because although we are an organization that incurs costs, we believe that money should never be the reason for not getting access.

Thanks on behalf of the team of 30NOWThank you on behalf of all supervisors for your support!

Yes and no. With the 30 Day Program, you participate in a fully guided 30-day program to understand and practice meditation. However, after 30 days your access will expire and you can switch to the Membership. With this you keep access to new Live Meditations and you can listen back to Day Meditations. In addition, you get access to exclusive content such as new series, meditations and lectures.

Yes, of course. Take a look at routine with meditation, here you can activate daily meditation reminders, among other things.

To the 30NOW Live sessions can be enjoyed by anyone, with or without 30NOW account, join live.

De 30NOW Live sessions that you can watch back with the Membership can also be freely shared with anyone. For this you use the share buttons that are visible on every review page.

The meditations from the 30 Days program and the hard meditations you can't share.

This depends on your access. During the 30 Days program you can listen to today's and yesterday's Day Meditation. In addition, you can participate in Live Meditations but don't listen back.
With the Membership you can listen back / watch all Day Meditations, Live Meditations and Live Lectures.

Oh, no. You can also start directly with a Membership without it 30 Days program to have followed.
By the way, with a Membership you have access to everything from the 30 Days program.

One of the biggest obstacles people face when they first start meditating is the time it takes. There is no definite answer to the question of how long one should meditate to experience the benefits of this practice. The length of the meditation is important, but so is the quality of the meditation. Meditating for 30 minutes with constant interruptions and distractions can have the same effect as meditating for 10 minutes without distractions.

With 30NOW we choose 15 minutes because this offers enough time to take you along quietly into the topic of the day, to introduce the meditation, to experience the power of meditation yourself and to close it quietly. In addition, 15 minutes reasonably fits into any agenda.

Reactions during Live Lectures and Live Meditations are limited visibility.

If you have a Membership, you have the option, among other things, to respond to Live sessions with images afterwards.
More information about the Membership can be found here .

30NOW is structured in such a way that you gradually deepen your knowledge and experience. There is something different about content every day. In order not to miss out on valuable information and techniques, we recommend that you participate every day. If, despite your determination, you have had to miss a Day Meditation, we recommend that you listen to the Day Meditation again the following day. Every Day Meditation is during the 30 Days program 48 hours available. Immediately Membership you can listen to all meditations without limitation.

We use your feedback shared to 30NOW to develop further. After the 30 Days program you can keep access and experience more meditations and lectures by to become a member.

  • Do you choose it 30 Days program? Then your account is available for 30 days with a new Day Meditation every day.
  • Do you choose it Membership? Then you will receive unlimited access to everything from the 30 Days program, the 30 days hard meditations and the ability to review Live Meditations and Lectures.

Still unsure? Then view this comparison of the different accounts.

The 30 Day Program offers you:

  • Daily access to a new guided meditation;
  • Step by step you will learn in 30 days what meditation is and how it works;
  • You will meditate yourself to experience the positive effects;
  • Access to tips that help you with meditation;
  • In addition to the Day meditations, you can also use the power of Live Meditations and Live Lectures experienced;
  • In the meantime you can share your experiences so that we 30NOW can further improve.

Without an account you can participate live in 30NOW Live sessions plus the 30NOW Podcast listen.

> The possibilities with an account depend on the type of account. Do you choose it 30 Days program? Then your account is available for 30 days with access to a daily Day meditation.
> Do you choose it Membership? Then you have unlimited access to all parts, including everything from the 30 Days program, the possibility to watch Live Meditations and Lectures. Plus you get access to the in-depth hard meditations.

Do you have another question? Share it with us?

  • There is no account to participate in Live Meditations and Lectures. So you can immediately participate live.
  • You must have a Membership account to look back.
  • To participate in a course you must have a Membership account or a Courses account.

View the equation of the different accounts and see which account applies to you.

In addition to differences in voice and style of guidance, the offer differs per supervisor. Look at the profile pages for the individual offer.

The substantive line that we at 30NOW Following is a contemporary approach to Buddhist meditation. Central is the practice of mindfulness or attention: an acknowledging awareness of physical and mental experiences. Although there are differences in styles and content of the meditations offered, they all align with the principle of mindfulness. Meditations are also offered that can develop other qualities such as calmness, kindness and compassion.

See also 30NOW.nl/about-30now

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