Meditate, what does that mean?

meditating brings benefits

Why would you want that, sitting still for 20 or 30 or 40 minutes every day on a meditation cushion or rock-hard meditation bench, eyes closed, attention focused on the breath? In our day and age, we always want everything we do and tackle 'to yield something'. What about meditation then? With a lot of patience and trust, that will certainly yield you something, but what? Listen to episode 3 of the series of kitchen table conversations about mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism.

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tone v
tone v
3 years ago

Thank you Joost and Evelien. Special and inspiring how beautifully concrete and palpable you let me listen to the fruits of the practice.

ABOUT 30NOW Podcast

Welcome to the podcast, in which we discuss mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism. 

Are you engaged in mindfulness or another form of meditation and do you want to be further inspired in this? Maybe you want to know more about the source of mindfulness and Buddhism? Then move on!
Modern mindfulness training uses ancient techniques and insights from Buddhism. They still appear to be relevant and supportive to our modern lives. Buddhist teachings do not ask you to believe anything. Just let yourself be included in the conversations and pick out what you can use.

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