Conversation with Edel Maex

Noble Maex

Edel Maex is a psychiatrist, Zen teacher and pioneer of mindfulness in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the XNUMXs he became acquainted with the work of the American Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of mindfulness, and introduced his methods to a wider audience in Belgium. Maex currently works at the ZNA hospital in Antwerp, where he leads the Stress Clinic. In this podcast he mainly talks about his Mindful communication program.

Books by Edel Maex: The willingness to watch en This is the place

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Mindful podcast
1 years ago

[…] Kitchen table discussions about meditation, Buddhism and mindfulness with, among others, Joost van de Heuvel-Rijnders and Eveliene Brandt. Nice episode: Edel Maex. […]

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