Do you dare to take the speed out of the day?

Joost is sitting at the table with Marjolein Prenger at the University of Twente. Marjolein is an internship mentor and teacher at Psychology at the University of Twente. The conversation is about the well-being of students in Corona time and the Personal Reflection and Development course. In this course, students meditate weekly for six weeks. 'My moment of rest of the week', is how one participant described her experience. Another student went from a Death metal-like music preference to music with soft sounds during the six weeks. "I now dare to listen to it without fear of getting caught up in my own thoughts." A beautiful metaphor for experiencing more mildness, relaxation and awareness.
In addition to her work at the UT, Marjolein has her own practice where she teaches the Mindful Parenting course. Central to this is the integration of mindfulness into family life. 'It is such a shame that many parents experience so much stress with something as beautiful as parenthood. I sometimes ask parents the question: do you dare to take the speed out of the day?'
Listen to #13 and discover how mindfulness takes root in Twente soil.

Starts at . in March 2021 30NOW by Marjolein, together with Ed de Bruin, a 6-week meditation course for students.

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Leontine L
Leontine L
2 years ago

What a wonderful conversation this is! My educational and Buddhist and mother (of 3 students/young adults) heart skipped a beat! A lot of energy and all kinds of ideas came up to enrich programs and students with this - especially in these times. Corona as Divine messenger - also here. Thank you Marjolein for your clear ideas, wording and decisiveness and thank you Joost for the beautiful light you shed on this. If you want to shape this further, I would be very happy to think along and do it! Grateful greetings, Leontine Lenferink

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