Welcome to the RAIN in-depth series – the direct path to joy, freedom and connection.

Michael Verlouw

This is what you can expect

  • Lectures and exercises in high image quality

    6 lessons consisting of 6 recorded lectures and 12 recorded exercises. You get access to more than 5 hours of footage in which Michaël takes you step-by-step through the RAIN method.

    These lessons are recorded in extra high image and sound quality.

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  • Guided Meditations (audio)

    Each lesson is supported by two guided meditations in audio format.
    You can also freely download these guided meditations.

    In total, this gives you access to more than 4,5 hours of guided audio meditations.

  • Reflections & Exercises

    Each lesson is supported with reflective texts. In addition, in-depth contemplations are offered to allow the material of each lesson to sink in more deeply.

  • Online Sangha

    Online community of participants with whom you can exchange and grow from connection.

  • Support

    There is always an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.

  • Download the entire method

    The entire method is summarized in two clear diagrams that can be downloaded as PDF.

  • Instant and unlimited access

    The series consists of six lessons (each consisting of three videos, two guided meditations and contemplations/exercises for everyday life) where you set the pace.

    Afterwards you stay – if you do not have a 30NOW membership – keep access to all material for XNUMX months. Do you have a 30NOW membership, the material will remain accessible as long as your membership is active.