Meditation Routine

As with sports and playing an instrument, constant repetition is necessary to become and remain physically fit. Meditation trains the mind to stay mentally fit and this requires constant repetition. Especially during the first weeks, training is important to build a routine and experience significant change.
In addition, you probably don't want to miss a Day Meditation because it is available for 48 hours (during the 30 Day program) and deals with a new topic every day.

Choose a quiet place

Choose a permanent place where you can sit quietly and let your roommates / family members know that you do not want to be disturbed for a while. Sounds can disrupt concentration and thereby the in-depth insights more quickly. Yet you will find that sounds and other outside influences have less and less disruptive effects on your mind as you gain more experience.

Be kind to yourself

In the beginning you always wonder if you are doing it right. The most common pitfall is probably judging your own meditation. This is at odds with the basic principle of meditation, in which you allow space, acceptance and peace to arise.

It is one of the great contradictions of meditation that you can only reap the benefits if you let go of all expectations and accept things as they are.

Look at your excuses

For example, in addition to doubt, procrastination can bring your meditation to a standstill. If you're showing procrastination in other areas of your life, now is your chance to look beyond the usual excuses and explore the deeper feelings and concerns of this pattern. So take the time to honestly ask what exactly is preventing you from carrying out your plans.
Perhaps somewhere you experience a sense of fear, boredom or doubt about the value of meditation. Is there a part of you that doesn't want to take advantage of the positive opportunity that meditation gives you? Be honest with yourself and don't try to directly judge your own behavior and way of thinking. It's all part of the process.

Also, remind yourself why you started meditating. By remembering yourself, you can experience the enthusiasm again from when you decided to participate.

View the First Aid

Do you have questions about other challenges while meditating?
Then take a look at 30NOW First Aid for an overview of frequently mentioned challenges. 30NOW First Aid is visible on every meditation page.