Shamatha meditation

On the way to physical and mental balance.

Karin Recvelt

This is what you can expect

  • Lectures - in video format

    Each theme contains a lecture:

    • Week 1: We are introduced to Shamatha meditation, an introduction.
    • Week 2: How do we keep the focus?
    • Week 3: Calming the mobile mind begins.
    • Week 4: We stay in silence.
  • Meditations - in audio format

    Each theme includes a 15-minute meditation.

  • Notes on the meditation - in audio format

    Each theme includes an explanation of the meditation and some reflection questions to explore your experience.

  • Sutta's audio format

    Each theme contains a few lines from a sutta (= discourse) to frame the lecture with an original text by the Buddha or one of his disciples. The rules are followed by a short commentary.

  • Home practice - in video format

    Every week (except the last one) the home practice is explained on a video: a daily meditation, informal exercises and a contemplation to reflect on your quality of life in the context of Shamatha practice.

  • Found

    Each theme contains written explanations, so that you can read the content again and let it sink in.

  • Support

    There is an opportunity to ask the supervisor questions online in the meantime, based on your experiences.

  • Online Sangha

    As a participant of the in-depth series you have access to our exclusive messaging system. Here you can exchange experiences with other participants of this in-depth series, give reactions to each other and also ask questions to Karin Rekvelt.

  • Instant and unlimited access

    The series consists of four themes that are immediately accessible after payment.

    Afterwards you stay – if you do not have a 30NOW membership – keep access to all material for XNUMX months. Do you have a 30NOW membership, the material will remain accessible as long as your membership is active.