April 18 – May 16, 2023

Speaking from wisdom

A joint deepening in wise speaking and attentive listening through meditation-in-interaction (Insight Dialogue)

Riet Aarsse

This is what you can expect

  • Live sessions

    5 Live (online) sessions from 19.30 to 21.30 hours.
    It is important that you every
     meeting can attend. Because you can't do Insight Dialogue on your own.

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    • April 18 – “Pause and relax” – basis for wisdom
    • April 25 – “Open and tune in to change” – soft words
    • May 2 – “Listen Carefully and Speak Truthfully” – what is truth?
    • May 9 – “THINK in everyday life” – what are we talking about?
    • May 16 – “WAIT in daily life” – connection and harmony

    During each session, participants will practice together in pairs or groups of three breakout room.

  • Exercises, quotes and tips

    You get access to exercises, supporting quotes, reading and viewing tips.

  • Support

    On the Home page of this course you can introduce yourself by posting a message. There is also the possibility to share a question or reflection.

  • Sangha - Community

    Online Sangha where you can experience, exchange and learn together.

  • Looking back

    You can watch the live sessions/sessions at a time of your choosing. The breakout rooms are not included for privacy reasons.