December 19, 2022 – November 20, 2023

Dhamma study group

"The Seven Factors of Awakening"

Helena Pauptit & Bianca Vermeij

This is what you can expect

  • Live sessions

    There are nine monthly online live sessions via Zoom with all participants. All sessions are supervised by Bianca Vermeij and Helena Pauptit. The meeting starts with an introduction to the theme of the month, which is given each time by a different speaker.

    After the introduction there is room for exchange. For example, you can ask questions about what you have read that month, or about what the speaker has just said, but also what you encountered with the exercises, for example. It is very supportive for yourself, but also for the other participants to hear how we are researching and practicing together!

    The speakers who will give the introductions are: Riët Aarsse, Arjan Schrier, Helena Pauptit, Frits Koster, Bianca Vermeij, sister Vimalanani, sr Dhammadinnā, Simin Abhravesh and Joost van den Heuvel Rijnders.

  • lectures

    Every month you can listen to a Dhammatalk/lecture that explains the topic of that month.

  • Exercises and meditation

    Every month there are different exercises for your meditation so that the subject comes to life more for you.

    The intention is that this course is not just theory, but that what we study can also become visible in our daily lives. We provide you with suggestions that can help you get started throughout the day, from hanging the laundry to taking a walk. In fact, there is no part of our lives that we cannot practice with. This way the beneficial qualities can get more and more space in our lives!

  • Texts

    These are different texts from various sources. You can read what the Buddha himself said about this subject, read pieces from Buddhist psychology, but also articles from Buddhist teachers of today. The subjects are exposed in different ways. Over the years we have noticed that people find that very pleasant. Sometimes one angle is enlightening, and sometimes the other. Looking at it in different ways helps us to better understand and penetrate the factors of awakening.

  • Looking back

    The introduction to the theme during the live sessions will be recorded and you can watch it back. The questions and answers and exchanges are not included for privacy reasons.

  • Online Sangha

    Online Sangha on the page of the Dhamma study group where you can exchange and learn together.