Dealing with emotions

Hand of Wit

Emotions give color to our lives. They are the energy of our spirit and the driving force of our desire for happiness for ourselves and others. That desire is the beating heart of our humanity. But when that desire is squeezed into the straitjacket of self-interest and self-centeredness, it takes on other forms, such as greed, aggression, hatred, and resentment. And we suffer from that. We can try to fight, suppress or deny these self-centered emotions. But that's fuel on the fire. What then? We can practice freeing the driving force of emotions from their self-centered distortion. How to do that, that is the theme of this lecture'

Han de Wit (dr. HF de Wit) is one of the pioneers of Buddhism in the Netherlands. His clear teaching is undogmatic and builds bridges between different Buddhist approaches, and between Buddhism and other attitudes and beliefs in life.
His books have been widely read and translated into many languages.