Ten Spiritual Companions

Finding Life Fulfillment through Mindfulness and the Ten Perfections

Fritz Koster

This is what you can expect

  • 10 Meditations & Lectures

    You get immediate access to 10 video recordings (from previous live sessions)*
    Each video lasts between 35 and 65 minutes.

    Frits deals with one of the ten perfections/companions in each video. After a meditation practice, a lecture is given, in which the spiritual companion concerned is discussed from Western perspectives (scientific research and positive psychology) and from Eastern perspectives (Buddhist psychology).

    The themes/spiritual companions:

    1. The wealth of wisdom (watch an excerpt)
    2. The joy of generosity.
    3. Trust and openness through ethics.
    4. Simplification as a way to inner freedom.
    5. Inner peace through patience and tolerance.
    6. Realize dreams with dedication.
    7. The power of courage and determination.
    8. Radiate through integrity.
    9. Kindness as a way to inner peace and connection. 
    10. Balanced by equanimity.

    * The lectures may differ in time because participants in the Live Course were occasionally invited to an interpersonal exploration in pairs or threes in 'breakout rooms'. This sometimes featured participants; Due to privacy concerns, we have removed such parts from the recordings. In short, these recordings only feature Frits Koster.

  • Poems and sayings

    Each theme is supported with inspiring poems and sayings.

  • Support

    You can share a question or experience at any time.
    Shared reactions are read by Frits and answered where desired.