After the retreat

The Second Half – Practice in everyday life after the retreat

Joost van den Heuvel Rijnders
in collaboration with meditation teachers Mirjam Schild, Bart van Melik,
Frits Koster, Chris Grijns, Maarten Olthof, Riët Aarsse and Zohair Elabd.

This is what you can expect

  • Start immediately - 6 weeks - step-by-step deepening

    After activating this In-depth series you will start immediately and you will receive:

    • Direct access to the page 'Immediately after returning home' and the first theme in the form of a theme page. Also see: 'The themes in brief' >
    • Weekly access to a total of 6 in-depth theme pages with an encore at the end.
  • Watch lectures, interviews, exercise suggestions (video)

    • 7 lectures on the themes by Joost van den Heuvel Rijnders.
    • Extensive (45 minutes) interview with Mirjam Schild.
    • Short tips, practice suggestions and introductions by meditation teachers Riët Aarse, Zohair Elabd and Maarten Olthof.

    The above video material has been recorded in extra high image and sound quality.
    Curious about the videos? View and experience Theme 1 >

  • Listen to meditations and in-depth conversations (audio)

    • Each theme is supported with a new guided meditation (30 minutes) in audio format. You can also download these guided meditations.
    • Listen to in-depth conversations with Bart van Melik (45 minutes) and Frits Koster (60 minutes).

    Curious about the audio? Listen to and experience Theme 1 >

  • Reflections & Exercises

    All themes are supported with quotes, exercise suggestions (40 in total) and reflective questions for everyday life.

  • Online Sangha

    A sangha where you can share experiences and thus inspire others and be inspired yourself. Meditation teacher Chris Grijns is also available to answer questions.

  • Support

    At any time there is an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions. Meditation teacher Chris Grijns will also be present to answer questions.

  • Look back, read and listen

    You can watch, read and listen to all parts when it suits you. You can respond at any time by sharing a question or experience.

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