Mindfulness and the four Life Friends

Meet Kindness, Compassion, Fellowship, and Equanimity

Fritz Koster

This is what you can expect

  • lectures

    Four lectures about the four Friends of Life – recorded in high image quality – of approximately 30 minutes per lecture.
    The four life friends are treated one by one, in conjunction with each other and the practice of mindfulness.

  • Extensive reading material

    Ucomprehensive support reading material for the deepening of the Friends of Life.

    This includes explanations about:

    • The difference between empathy and compassion.
    • Pitfalls of Practicing Compassion.
    • What to do in case of inner counter reactions, such as old hurt, possessiveness or feeling shortchanged.
    • Pitfalls in the practice.
    • Eight factors identified from Buddhism for promoting equanimity.
    • And more…

    In addition, you also get access to the extensive schematic representation of, among other things, the characteristics, forms of expression, causes of and pitfalls in each life friend.

  • Guided Meditations

    Connecting audio and video guided meditations from the 30NOW library.

  • Exercise suggestions

    Formal and informal exercise suggestions. Such as supported meditations and webinars in video format and exercises for everyday life.

    By the way, the word "practice suggestions" means that there is no requirement attached to the suggestions. See what is and what is not feasible for you or fits well.

  • Support

    You can share a question or experience at any time.
    Shared reactions are read by Frits and reacted to if desired.