Dhamma study

'Who am I?'

An introduction to the 5 khandhas, the 5 aspects of our experience.

Helena Pauptit & Bianca Vermeij

This is what you can expect

  • Video lecture

    For each theme there is a video lecture (20 to 25 minutes) on the subject, each given by a different speaker; Sayãlay Daw Vimalanani, Riët Aarsse, Helena Pauptit, Bianca Vermeij, Frits Koster and Joost van den Heuvel Rijnders. The lectures of the speakers (except the 1st evening) and the exercises are in Dutch, most literature and dhamma talks are in English.  

    All lectures have automatically generated Dutch and English subtitles.

  • Dhamma talks

    You will receive links to dhamma talks in audio format that explain the topic.

  • Exercises and meditation

    On each theme page there are different exercises for your meditation, so that the subject more for you to live. This could, for example, be a guided meditation, but also tips and advice about what you can include in your meditation to engage with the subject.

    In addition, there are also exercises on each theme page that you can do in daily life. The intention is that this series is not just theory, but that what we study can also become visible in our daily lives. We provide you with suggestions that you can use throughout the day, from unloading the dishwasher to taking a walk. There really isn't any part of our lives that we can't practice with! By working on it in this way, the subject can come to life more and more in your own experience!

    You will have access to exercises for your meditation and your daily life.

  • Reading material

    These are various texts from various sources. For example, you can read what the Buddha himself said about it, pieces from Buddhist psychology, but also articles from Buddhist teachers of today. In this way the subjects are presented in different ways. Over the years we have noticed that people find that very pleasant. Sometimes one perspective is enlightening, and sometimes the other. By looking at it in different ways, we can become more and more familiar with it.

  • Support

    During your personal journey of discovery, you are welcome to post a comment on the theme pages if you have any questions or if you would like to share an experience from your practice or daily life. Bianca or Helena will then answer you. In this way we hope to support you during your Dhamma study!