Gathering the Mind, The Practice of Samādhi

Kim Allen

Buddhist teachings emphasize the importance of a gathered mind that is composed, calm, and happy. Sometimes called “concentration,” samādhi is actually a rich and vibrant mode of practice that greatly enhances our ability to see clearly. We’ll explore in a novel way the key conditions that need to be assembled for the practice of samādhi, as well as the benefits of this practice. (This evening will be in English.)

Kim Allen began meditating in 2003, seeking both a path out of suffering and the deeper truths of life. She trained for many years with her principal teacher, Gil Fronsdal, as well as Theravādan monastics and teachers of other Buddhist traditions. Her path has included long retreat, study of the suttas, and practice in Asia, and she now lives as a lay contemplative. She teaches at Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock and Insight Retreat Center. She is the author of “Practice After Stream Entry”. Her website is: