Ayya Virañani

Venerable Ayya Virañani is a Buddhist nun from the USA (Hawaï). She is deeply rooted in the Dhamma through the practice, study and transmission of the Dhamma. She has been meditating since 1979 in the Burmese tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw, the Thai forest tradition and has worked in the Insight Meditation Society in the US. Ayya Virañani was ordained as a buddhist nun in Myanmar in 2006 with Sayadaw U Pandita as her preceptor (teacher), and is currently associated with a renowned meditation center (Chanmyay Myaing of U Indaka Sayadaw), also in Myanmar. She has years of experience guiding retreats around the world. She speaks with a lot of compassion and makes the traditional texts accessible with many examples from daily life. Ayya Virañani is skilled in both vipassana and metta meditation.