A conscious moment of kind attention to your inner world every day is important. How are you doing? What are you experiencing right now? What do you need now?

My meditations are aimed at training open, friendly attention. I am happy to support you in learning to deal with thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and the inner critic in a different way. But also in finding more confidence, peace and softness in your life. Mindfulness and compassion are important skills you can learn to live a healthy and resilient life.

My name is Maryvonne Verkerke (1970) and iI am an experienced Meditation Coach and Mindfulness Trainer MBSR for adults, young people and children, (self) Compassion Trainer MBCL, Trainer Mindful Parenting, ACT coach and Yin Yoga teacher. Also am I owner, senior lecturer and supervisor at Gentleminds, Institute of Mindfulness. Ik studied communication, practice Vipassana meditation and deepen me like in Buddhist psychology. as supervisor am I verbthe material moisture meter shows you the to the MBCL Compassion Trainer Teacher Training of Frits Koster and Erik van den Brink. Since 2010 writing ik various blogs and articles on my website Compassion Memo.