April 2 – May 7, 2024

Four paths to well-being and realization

Finding peace, freedom, fulfillment and connection in a constantly changing world

Fritz Koster

This is what you can expect

  • Live sessions

    Get started: Each live session starts with a guided meditation, focusing on the theme of the week.

    Exchange in small groups: After the meditation there is an opportunity to exchange information about the theme in small groups of 2 or 3 participants. Specific guidelines for interpersonal mindfulness practice are provided. We use breakout rooms in Zoom for this practice.

    Alternative to Interpersonal Explorations: For those who prefer not to participate in the interpersonal explorations, a writing exercise is available as an alternative.

    Questions and theory: There is room to ask questions. The weekly theme is then explained in a theoretical way.

    Closing: The sessions end with a short meditation exercise.

  • Data

    Live sessions:

    • Session 1: Tuesday April 2, 2024, 19.30:21.00 PM – ± XNUMX:XNUMX PM
    • Session 2: Tuesday April 16, 2024, 19.30:21.00 PM – ± XNUMX:XNUMX PM
    • Session 3: Tuesday April 23, 2024, 19.30:21.00 PM – ± XNUMX:XNUMX PM
    • Session 4: Tuesday April 30, 2024, 19.30:21.00 PM – ± XNUMX:XNUMX PM
    • Session 5: Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 19.30:21.00 PM - ± XNUMX:XNUMX PM

    Theme pages:

    • Topic 1 – Introduction from April 2 at 21.00 p.m
    • Theme 2 – A fervent heart's desire from April 16 at 21.00 p.m
    • Theme 3 – No lasting success without dedication from April 23 at 21.00 p.m
    • Theme 4 – A positive attitude from April 30 at 21.00 p.m
    • Theme 5 – Balanced with wisdom from May 7, 21.00 p.m
  • Supporting course material

    Every week you get access to a new theme page, provided with supporting course material and practice suggestions. This will help you integrate the weekly theme into your practice:

    • One to two carefully curated guided meditations, each approximately 20-30 minutes long, that will help you delve deeper into the theme.
    • Inspirational quotes and poems that resonate with the weekly theme.
    • Practical suggestions for individual practice and reflection after each live session, allowing you to further explore the theme in a personal and meaningful way.
  • Support and connection

    Throughout the course, the live sessions and the Course Home page provide extensive support, where you can get in direct contact with the supervisor and fellow participants. You can ask questions and exchange experiences, which contributes to an interactive and enriching experience.

  • Look back and listen back

    You can watch or listen to the theme pages and recordings of the Live sessions during and after the course period.

    With an active Membership you have unlimited access to all course materials. Without a membership, the material remains accessible for a period of three months after the end of the course.