Western psychology helped me with a number of questions in my life, but within Buddhism I really felt that I was coming 'home'.

Meditation and Dhamma study are my way of coming home to myself. And in the world. Just the way it is – as imperfect as it is beautiful.

In my guidance I help people, in a very open and light way, to find the most suitable entrance to silence and freedom for them. By finding your own entrance you naturally stimulate understanding of the path you are walking and wisdom and compassion come alive in such a way that you will gradually have access to it at any time.

I become happy the moment I notice that you really start to see the path as your path.

My name is Michael Verlouw. In addition to being a meditation coach, I work as a corporate lawyer for a public broadcaster. I am also trained as a hypno-/psychotherapist and yoga teacher.

With over 23 years of meditation and retreat experience, I have been studying at the Insight Meditation Center (IMS) and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS) in the US since 2004. Deeply rooted in the Buddhist tradition, but at the same time fully focused on a Western lay life, people speak my language and tone there.

Within the many classical Buddhist movements I feel most closely related to that of the Thai Forest Tradition, from which my own teacher, Gloria Taraniya, also stems. Jotika Hermsen is my biggest source of inspiration in the Netherlands. Together with her and other colleagues I supervise retreats and study programs at Sangha Metta.

I sincerely hope that my contributions here 30NOW support you in your practice.


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